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The rap economy is serpentine. Driver lives. Driver lives thru. All things started in losangeles. Record deals. This is a record deal. Mush. Epitaph/Anti-. And Others. This is truth. These houses put forth Driver's past. And he works. He works still. past works happened with: modeselktor, flying lotus, son lux, lapalux, loden and others. Hellfyre club compels him. He is at the head of Hellfyre with the others. dornervstookie was his responsibility to bring to closure. the others agreed. The others know. the others.
temporary forever was the 2nd work. fear of a black tangent was the 4th. many works. none of it is right. perfect hair is not right. perfect hair is the most not right. perfect hair is the last work. all that is now is last. all that is last awaits understanding. labored breath is the answer. Throw your body against perfect hair. only know how to eat

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