Basic Requirements to Have a Rental Car in USA


Hiring a rental car in United States lists some basic requirements of drivers. These conditions are directly applied by the government. It is true that not all the states have exactly same rules but they more similar in nature. However different car rental companies impose deferent policy to the renters. If you are one going to rent a car for the first time know these basic requirement before going to the car rental agencies.

So “what do I need to rent a car“? In this article we are going to answer your question as to the point.

Minimum Age to Rent Car

The minimum age to hire a car however varies by company to company. But the general rule of minimum age is the driver has to be more than 25 years old. Some car rental companies may offer you rental cars at the age of 19 or 18. But an extra charge may be applied to secure the under age driving. The good news is not all the company charges this money to the young drivers. Look for it and you will find car Rental Company like Car Rental Express offer you to rent a car at young age without applying any extra fees.

Valid License of Drivers

People who lives in US territories have to present a valid unexpired government issued driving license. The issued license will be valid for your entire trip.

The customers, who are not United States citizen, have to provide their own countries driving license. But this opportunity is available for limited English speaking countries. The citizen of the other countries will have to show International Driving Permit (IDP).

You should note also that the photo copies of Driving License are not acceptable. Learner permits are not accepted to the car rental companies.

Payment Mode

Just like other things mode of payment and the policy regarding it varies a lot from company to company. The most conventional way of transaction in renting a car is using a credit card. It is the most acceptable way too. Because many car renting companies do not allow debit card or cash payment method. You can use your credit card at Airport and Off-Airport location to rent car throughout various states of US.

If one does not like to use credit card to rent a car, the alternative ways include debit card payment too. And most of the car rental companies ask for a security deposit in case you are paying with debit card.

Not only credit or debit card but also cash car rental is feasible in United States to rent a car. But the companies allow cash car renting without any deposit money are very few in numbers. If you like to rent car with cash amount, take a look at the internet which companies are there. Cash car renting may not give a lot of car options to choose but car rental express offer you such good cars with no deposits and wide varieties.

Keep in mind these above mentioned basic things to rent car. Wish you journey be safe and full of fun.