Used Car


We are constantly bombarded with advertisements on British television telling us that we need to get rid of our old car and get ourselves a bright, shiny new one. It all sounds so attractive and easy to do, but you may be digging yourself into a financial hole that you can’t get yourself out of. That same car that you have been looking at every day for the past month at the local dealer car showroom can still be bought, but at a fraction of the price with just a few miles already on the clock. Maybe, it’s time to consider and second hand car.

You can purchase local used cars in Plymouth and there are many smart reasons why you should. The following are some of the real benefits you will get if you decide to go down the used car road.

  1. When you buy a used car, you save yourself a lot of money. You can buy the car with as much as 50% off the original sale price from the main dealer. That’s money you could be spending on something else.
  2. Most of the depreciation drops off the car when it is bought new and is driven out of the showroom. When you get it. depreciation slows down and if you take care of the car, you may get most of your money back when you sell.
  3. Used cars come with service histories, so you know that the miles on the clock are correct. Some cars even have an extended 5-year warranty, so you can still use the warranty, if your car is only 3 years old.

There really is no good reason to pay the full price when you can get the same car for a lot less and only a few years old.









Buying a Second Hand Van

We can’t argue that buying used vans is a great idea – you get more bang for your buck and a tried and tested model; what could be better? But, of course, there is a drawback to buying used, particularly from independent sellers, that you should be wary of, which is the chance of getting scammed. If you want to steer well clear of that problem (and we’re not sure why you wouldn’t) follow these tips and you’ll be fine!


When checking over the bodywork of any used vans for sale, the main thing you want to keep an eye out for is rust and corrosion. First, look for rust all over, including on the wheel arches, the frames of the doors and around the edges on the windscreen. If you find rust, press down on it softly and listen out for a cracking noise – that could indicate corrosion beneath.


To check the suspension, push down on the corners of the van. It should bounce back up and return to its normal position with no problems. If you think there could be something wrong, take the van out for a spin to see how it feels.


When testing the breaks, head to an empty, straight road and give them a go. See how they feel, check that the van stops in a straight line and keep your ears open for any disconcerting noises such as squeaks.


Check the temperature of the vans bonnet when you’re checking it over; it should be cold rather than warm or hot. If it’s not cold, there could be something wrong. You should also start the engine and listen out for unusual noises or large amounts of smoke, both of which are tell-tale signs that the used van for sale isn’t in great condition.


When taking the van out for a spin, be sure to test out the steering. You don’t want steering that’s under responsive or sticks – that could be cause for some dangerous driving maneuvers.

Interior Condition

Give the used van’s interior a once over. Although how it looks doesn’t usually affect the vehicles performance, it can give you a good idea of how well it’s been looked after by its previous owners. If the interior is old, tatty and very much not well-kept, be cautious with the rest of the van.

When looking for a used vans for sale it is definitely a no-brainer to know what to look for when checking out the vehicle your looking to buy. Be sensible and take your time to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. It’ll be worth it!