Buying A Luxury Car is the dream of many people. However, sometimes it becomes more than luxury when maintaining it becomes a headache. Expensive car parts, high-cost repairs, and maintenance can break the bank in no time.

Modern car owners keep their vehicles longer and know the importance of scheduled servicing and preventing maintenance from maximizing their four-wheel investment lifetime value. In this article, we will read about luxury car brands that offer low maintenance of their vehicle. So, let us get started.

Luxury Cars with Least Maintenance Cost

  • Toyota Corolla

Introduced in 1966, Toyota Corolla is one of the least expensive cars to maintain. Not only this, this car has been listed among the top 10 best low maintenance vehicles in the world. This car’s annual cost is around $710, far less than $1,186, which is the car’s monthly average. This vehicle comes with an easy to use infotainment system and lots of standard driver assistance features. It is one of the compact and subcompact cars manufactured by Toyota.

  • Toyota Prius

Released in 1997, this third-generation car by Toyota has an annual maintenance cost of $763. With a hybrid engineering genius along with 50-plus miles every gallon of gas, it is one of the least expensive cars to maintain. This full-hybrid electric automobile is a four-door sedan and has been produced as a 5-door liftback in 2003.

  • Honda Accord

The Honda Accord was manufactured by Honda in 1976. Since 1986, this four-door sedan variant is one of the best selling cars in the United States. The average annual maintenance cost of this 10th generation car by Honda is $822.

  • Ford Mustang

Although the vehicles of Toyota are cheaper to maintain, Ford vehicles are no slouches. With an annual maintenance cost of $979, it is one of the luxury cars requiring the least amount of maintenance.

  • Kia Soul

On the list of top 10 best low maintenance cars globally, Kia soul stands at 4th rank. This subcompact crossover SUV has an annual maintenance cost of $919. Known for its cheap repairs and excellent reliability rating, Kia doesn’t need major maintenance or repairs frequently.

  • Infiniti Q70

Infiniti Q70 is a line of mid-size executive cars from Nissan luxury division Infiniti. The annual maintenance cost of this car is $1,412. It is cheap to maintain and repair because it has the same parts used in other Nissan vehicles, Nissan.

  • Toyota RAV4

Another low maintenance car on the list is Toyota RAV4. Introduced in 1994, this compact crossover SUV is manufactured by Toyota. The annual maintenance cost of this car by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota is $1412.

  • Toyota 4Runner

The mid-size sport utility vehicle was sold across the world from 1984 to date—the annual maintenance cost of $1620, making it the least expensive car to maintain.

The Bottom Line

When buying a car, other than looks and features, make sure to look at the vehicle’s cost of maintenance and repair. Other than the cars mentioned on the list, several cars offer luxury and the least expensive maintenance and repair cost.



Getting involved in an auto accident is probably one of our worst nightmares. One thing about getting involved in an accident is that they are usually more complications than what the eye can see at first! Those hidden complexities, along with the actions of others involved (and the headache of dealing with insurance companies) can begin to turn sour and complicated. Usually, an auto accident lawyer is needed in order to mediate the situation and help guide you in the right direction.

Before you seek the help of an auto accident lawyer, there are some immediate steps to take right after the accident that will help in the long run. Allow this information to give you some helpful tips that should put you in a better position when it’s time to file a claim.

Document the Facts

Once everyone is moved to a position where they are safe, immediately document exactly what happened before and during the accident, and who was involved, and what their roles were. You might have to multitask a little bit, because of who is with you (and who you might have to communicate with). Even still if you have someone with you, you can have them help you document what happened.

Also, include names, addresses, and contact information for each person involved including eyewitnesses. If the location of the accident is accessible for documenting, then put the address down as well.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Having a doctor walk you through the process of any physical issue is very important. They are able to produce the medical reports you will need, to bring into a case with your insurance company. Not only that, sometimes injuries and other issues surface within hours or days of the accident. So if you have a doctor that you’re seeing for a duration of time, that is helpful for any new issues documented in your medical report.

Be Clear on the Value of Your Claim

What is the value of the damage done to your vehicle? What are your medical bills looking like? How much work have you had to miss? Is there a future cost of damage because of the accident? All of these things are very important to note on your own, for when you deal with the insurance company. They will always try to give the bare minimum. However, when you know what your accident is worth you don’t have to take what is being offered to you.

Don’t Let Doctors Know About Your Legal Action

As best you can, remember to keep your legal action out of the earshot of the doctor. Sometimes doctors can make notes of your supposed legal actions within your medical records. If your insurance company happens to see your medical records and read those notes that could put a damper on the results you’re looking for.

Dealing with an auto accident is a very involved process. To be honest, a very tiring process. An auto accident attorney might be exactly what you need, to take the weight off the process. Let us do the dirty work of negotiating with the insurance company and other parties involved.

In recent years, cops have cracked down on drunk driving, buzzed driving and any sort of drug-impaired driving. In any situation, getting behind the wheel of a car is dangerous. A car crash can happen out of nowhere from an unexpected mechanical failure, a driver falling asleep or an animal running out in front of a car. However, drunk driving makes roads even more dangerous, and cops can’t play around when it comes to keeping citizens protected. If you end up in a drunk driving accident, a DUI lawyer will help you navigate what options you have and how you can get back to normalcy after a life-changing accident. However, while many people know about alcohol’s ability to impair thinking and functioning, there are some bodily effects people don’t elaborate on as much. Here are three of the unusual effects of alcohol.

1. A Hangover May Trigger Anxiety

A lot of people suffer from anxiety and have trouble controlling emotions of uneasiness and nervousness when anxiety takes over. However, alcohol may be to blame if you suffer from anxiety while hungover. As your body recovers from a hangover and starts to get the alcohol out of your system, your blood sugar drops which stress out your brain. Your brain isn’t used to having a lot of sugar leave its system that rapidly, so it can lead to feelings of worry and anxiousness as you recover from a hangover. While people look to relax while enjoying a drink, if you suffer from anxiety, you may be doing more harm than good coping that way.

2. You Aren’t Forgetting Memories; You Aren’t Making Them

A lot of people who blackout from drinking and wake up the next day unable to remember the night assume alcohol made them forget what they did. In reality, alcohol impairs your brain’s ability to make new memories. When you drink a lot of alcohol, your long-term memory is affected. Therefore, you may remember and be aware during the moment, but the next day you won’t remember anything because your memories didn’t transfer over to the long-term memory bank.

3. Your Body Doesn’t Digest Alcohol

When you eat food, it goes through the digestion process. However, alcohol doesn’t follow suit. It immediately hits your bloodstream, and that’s what causes alcohol-related effects to take hold from impaired cognitive ability and acting differently than normal. How fast your blood absorbs alcohol depends on a lot of factors including your size, weight and height. Knowing how alcohol affects your body is key to ensuring you can enjoy a night out without experiencing the repercussions of blacking out and throwing up. Check out this list for how alcohol affects someone’s body based on gender, size and other factors.

When you drink, you have to be responsible, aware and vigilant especially if you have to get back home because you’re drinking somewhere outside of your residence. Getting behind the wheel drunk is never an option and finding a way home is imperative for your life and others no matter the circumstance.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus accidents, although entirely preventable, are some of the most common accidents that occur in metropolitan areas across the U.S. Between 2015 and 2018, they accounted for more than 21,800 traffic accidents, taking 14 lives and sending over 2,500 people to the hospital. These types of accidents, just like all traffic accidents, can be attributed to a variety of dangerous driving behaviors and mechanical failures putting those also on the road at severe risk of injury!

MTA buses are vulnerable to the same environmental and traffic conditions as passenger cars. However, their function as public transportation vehicles predisposes drivers to additional complications due to the long hours and passenger distractions. Factors that may contribute to the likelihood of an MTA bus accident are listed below:

  • Driver exceeding the speed limit
  • Various forms of distracted driving
    • The bus driver may be engaged in conversations with passengers
    • The bus driver might use their mobile device behind the wheel
  • Failure to respect another driver’s right of way
  • Inattention or obstructed view (bus drivers often have a difficult time seeing smaller cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians due to the size of their vehicle)
  • Driving under the influence (this can include prescribed medications, in addition to
  • Drowsy driving

A clear determination of the accident cause is critical to building a strong legal case against the appropriate party. Failure to prove the complete liability of the MTA driver or a party separate from yourself may harm your compensation eligibility. If you are uncertain whether the driver’s behaviors directly contributed to your crash, keep in mind that MTA buses often cause accidents due to mechanical failures. This may indicate that the bus was improperly maintained or was sold with defective parts, both instances that would absolve you of any fault.

Contact a Lawyer to File Your Claim

In each of these cases, whether you were a motorist sharing the road with the MTA bus driver, or a passenger on the bus itself, you have the right to file a claim for the damages you incurred in the accident. This right remains regardless of who is found to be at fault for your incident, as long as you do not share liability. As a victim, you will never be expected to cover the losses inflicted upon you in such an accident.

When you’re ready to begin your case, it is imperative that you contact a lawyer, since resolving these accidents can be quite complicated. For one, MTA buses are owned by the local government. Filing claims against municipalities is challenging since laws such as the statute of limitations enforce slightly different rules to these cases. (For example, instead of having two years to initiate the litigation process, you have only six months.)

Even though you’re challenging a municipal authority, you can be confident in your case, as your lawyer will guide you through each phase of the claims process. They will ensure that you have as much evidence as possible to demonstrate the bus driver’s negligence or that of associated parties. Further, your lawyer will use their expertise to strengthen your chances of securing the compensation you’re owed. Get in touch with a lawyer today to begin your bus accident case.

When you consider buying a car, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? For most people, it either has to do with the performance, the looks or need for which it is being bought. Hardly anyone ever gives a second thought to the maintenance and the upkeep that is associated with any vehicle. For the initial few years, while the manufacturer can take care of the servicing, but after that, you are on your own. Be it any vehicle, you will need an expert to take care of the regular maintenance. For example, if you own a great German machine like the BMW, a BMW specialist is the best bet to ensure your car remains in the best shape for years to come.

But what should you be looking at when choosing a business that offers servicing of cars? The first thing to take into cognizance is the number of detailed tune-ups that are offered. Apart from the usual cleaning and sanitary services, the company should also do an in-depth check-up of the brakes, the engine, the electronics, and the drive mechanism along with the tires and their alignment. Every modern car these days comes with inbuilt air-conditioning. No matter what weather you normally stay in, a well-functioning air-conditioning system consumes lesser power and keeps the insides of the car smelling fresh and clean. The servicing of your car should also include cleaning of the AC system for a holistic maintenance.

Now, whatever we have mentioned above is something that a lot of auto servicing companies do. But to stand apart from others, GMW has a few USPs that assure complete customer satisfaction. GMW operates out of Perth and we offer specialized services that are carried out by seasoned professionals in the auto repair business. Here are the three secret things that make GMW Perth the best choice for maintaining your car –

  1. Convenience & Customer Priority

With flexible schedules, pickup and drop-off service, and availability on weekends, we make it a point that your vehicle is never a burden for you. Your work takes precedence, and we understand that. Give us a call, know the available slots or even get a preferential booking in advance on any day of the week, let us worry about tuning your car in the best possible way and get your vehicle back as if it has not aged a day.

  1. It is All in the Details

You have spent a lot in getting one of the best among German engineering that runs on roads. By itself it is a great investment. But like any investment, it also needs periodic check-ups. Our team of experts work tirelessly to ensure every small detail of the vehicle is checked and attended to.

  1. Transparency & Reliability

Even if the inspection and servicing is top notch, it matters little if you do not know exactly what has been done and how any problems have been addressed. Along with that, you should also know if parts have been replaced, and the brands thereof.

Now that you know what GMW offers in its service, if you ever feel your BMW, Mercedes or Porsche needs a bit of health checkups or is not performing as it did a few months back, drop them an email or give a call.

It is important to have a plan in place before an accident occurs so that you are prepared when it happens. These are five things you should do when you have been in an auto accident.

1. Make Sure Everyone Is OK

The first thing you should do is find out if anyone was hurt in the accident. If you or anyone else was seriously injured, you should call 911 or ask someone to do it for you. If the injuries are minor, they can probably wait for an appointment with a doctor. Make note of what type of injuries are being reported at the scene. You may need this information for your Fort Collins accident attorney or insurance company.

2. Get Out of the Road

If you can safely move your vehicle to the side of the road, do so. If your vehicle is disabled, leave it where it is and get yourself and your passengers out of harm’s way. If you plan to move the vehicle, it can be a good idea to take photographs with your cell phone first, so that the accident investigators will be able to assess the position of the cars. If it is dark out and you have emergency road flares or cones, you may want to put them out to make sure other drivers do not hit your or your vehicle.

3. Report the Accident

A police report can be valuable evidence if there is a dispute over who is at fault in the accident. Some states require a police report to be filed and your insurance company may also require it. If no one needs emergency medical attention, you may be able to call the local non-emergency police number to report the accident. In some instances, if there is no officer available and no one is hurt, you may be instructed to file a report at the local police station. Your insurance company will probably want a copy of the report. To save time, ask how you can obtain a copy when you file the report.

4. Exchange Information

If a police officer comes out to the scene, she may facilitate the exchange of insurance information. However, if the other driver is not badly injured or hostile, it is a good idea to ask for their information while you are waiting for the officer to arrive. Otherwise, it is possible the officer may not get the information, or the other driver may get tired of waiting and leave the scene. Ask for the other driver’s name, address, driver’s license number and phone number. Get the name of their insurance company and their policy number. Write down their license plate number, make, model and color of the vehicle and the location of the accident.

5. Document the Accident

Take photos of the vehicles and the scene. Write down the names of the police, everyone involved in the accident and any witnesses and get their contact information.

It is important to take steps to protect yourself, your passengers and your vehicle after an accident. Following these five steps will get you started.

A truck driver must be competent and responsible. It is the only way they can deliver their cargo properly, keep the people on the roads safe and in the process, earn lots of pounds.

All of this is possible when a truck driver goes through standardised truck driver training programs offered by certified institutions.

Furthermore, there are tons of benefits in store for aspiring heavy vehicle drivers if they choose to learn from an expert associated with a truck driver training institution. It is time to take a close look into some of them in the following sections –

Trained truck drivers earn more

Although there is a significant shortage of truck drivers here in Australia, employers still refrain from paying drivers the remuneration they deserve. This will change the moment you choose to get certified before becoming a full-time truck driver.

In simple terms, certified truck drivers in Australia earn at least 30, 000 AUD more than their non-certified counterparts.

Certified truck drivers enjoy unparalleled job security

As mentioned earlier, there is a continuing shortage of truck drivers here in Australia which means there will be a lot of demand for certified truck drivers. Australia’s economy is going through tough times due to this pandemic. This is why it has become quite difficult for someone to get hired.

That is not the case for a certified truck driver. Employers are ready to pay a top dollar for a certified truck driver as they know they will get more returns on their investment.


Well, certified heavy vehicle drivers ensure that they are driving properly by keeping a light foot on the throttle and brakes thus ensuring more fuel is conserved with every kilometre.

They will also ensure that they are abiding all known traffic rules thus keeping their employers from paying fines, legal fees, etc. They will also ensure that they are driving their assigned vehicles responsibly thus ensuring that the truck would not need to be sent to the garage for servicing.

They will be able to avert accidents as they are trained with –

  • Skid correction techniques
  • Proper steering techniques
  • Efficient manoeuvring techniques
  • Proper emergency braking techniques
  • Proper parking techniques
  • Proper trailer attachment/detachment techniques
  • Proper techniques of loading/unloading cargo and
  • All related aspects that come with driving a modern-day truck on the UK roads.

After reading this it is easy to see why an employer will try their best to hold on to their certified truck drivers for as long as they can thereby cementing the fact that certified truck drivers have more job security.

Certified truck drivers are confident at what they do

Driving a truck is not a simple task.

On top of this, it is common for a truck to haul anywhere between expensive, fragile, perishable goods to downright hazardous substances.

Irrespective of the cargo, truck drivers need to be confident when they are out on the road. Confidence is achieved only when an aspiring truck driver has been through strenuous truck driver training sessions offered at a recognized institution.

It is evident by now that learning from an expert heavy vehicle driver specialist is a must for aspiring truck drivers. If you are considering Australia’s transportation sector as a long term career then you need to become a competent truck driver and to do that, you need specialized training that is available only at a renowned truck driver training institute. So enrol today for the best results and a stellar career.

Despite how much you might think you’re a seasoned driver who steers clear of mistakes, the truth is you may be making more mistakes than you might like to think. Many people are guilty of the same common errors that they often don’t even realize they’re making.

The best way to avoid making them is to identify them before they even have the chance to happen.  By building good car habits, you won’t just keep yourself and another drivers safe; you’ll also save a considerable amount of money in the process.

Take a look at some of the biggest mistakes people make with their cars, and what you can do to steer clear. (You see what we did there?)

Not Getting Your Car Regularly Serviced

How many times have you looked at the calendar and thought to yourself, “Its probably time to schedule routine maintenance for my vehicle since it has been exactly six months since the last one.”  If you’re like most people, chances are that you probably don’t know exactly the last time that your car went into the mechanic.

It’s important that you stay on top of how many times a year you take your car in to be serviced. Rather than waiting until something goes wrong to bring your car in, it’s important to take it in to prevent problems from happening.  Your car breaking down suddenly could lead to having to get your car towed, or even being stranded in the middle of nowhere. It’s not ideal anyway you look at it.

From oil changes to filter changes, a lot of preventative measures can save you a huge headache in the long run.

Not Checking Tire Pressure

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming their tires are fine unless it’s flat. However, your tire doesn’t have to be flat for it to cause a problem.  If your tires are lacking air, it could lead to serious injury and costly repairs. Not only are you putting yourself at risk when you drive with inadequate tires, but you’re also putting other drivers on the road at risk.

It’s good to get into the habit of checking your tires regularly and asking your mechanic to do so as well.

Ignoring Check Engine Light

Be honest with yourself. How many times have you seen the check engine light go on only to dismiss it as “probably no big deal.”  Your vehicle’s check engine light is there to let you know anytime there is an issue that needs to be handled. Rather than putting it off until your car is broken down completely, take your car in as soon as possible to the mechanic to identify why your check engine light is on.

Personal injury claims involve two or more parties. One party must have a duty of care toward another party and have neglected that duty, resulting in the other party’s injury. A personal injury lawyer will determine whether your case meets the strict criteria of a personal injury claim. However, you don’t want just any personal injury attorney, you want one who will get you the maximum settlement possible.

Identify Your Goals

Before you search for an attorney, you should identify your case and settlement goals. For example, do you want to pay the medical bills that resulted from the injury, and do you have personal property that needs fixed? In addition to these general costs, you may receive lost wages and expected future medical costs.

Non-economic damages may also be pursued. These include payment for emotional distress, pain, psychological disorders that resulted from the incident and any future disability challenges. All these non-economic costs can be quantified into monetary damages.


Consult your state bar association office to identify the injury lawyers that are licensed to practice in your state or the state in which you were injured. Someone in the office may also refer you to a specific lawyer. You may check review websites, such as Martindale-Hubbell, to determine how your peers feel about each of the lawyers on your list.

Consider seeking personal recommendations from your peers, local businesspeople, friends and family and legal professionals you have worked with in the past. Read the client reviews on their website but understand that these may be biased.

Education and Experience

After you have narrowed down your list, go to the lawyer’s websites to get an idea about where they were educated and how much experience they have. For example, do they have trial and negotiation experience? How long have they practiced law? Do they have experience negotiating or working with insurance adjusters and companies?

In addition, personal injury cases vary significantly, from slip and fall cases and car accidents to dog bites and product liability cases. Therefore, the laws that apply to each of these cases differ significantly as well. Do your prospective lawyers have experience with your specific type of personal injury case? You also want to learn what percentage of the lawyers’ case loads are personal injury and your specific type of personal injury cases.

Initial Consultation

Pursue a consultation with your abbreviated list of possible lawyers. Ask for a case evaluation and prospective settlement. Then, ask about the process and any professional experience questions you may still have. You should also ask for and contact the lawyer’s references. Identify their communication practices and who will handle your case.

Not every lawyer you meet with will have the desire or time to pursue your case. To ensure you have the best shot at getting the lawyer you want, make sure your evidence, including police and accident reports, photographs and videos, witness contact information and medical and other bills, are organized and in good shape.

If you have been seriously injured because of the neglect of another party, you may have a personal injury case. Consider seeking the legal advice of a personal injury attorney to determine whether you should pursue your claim.

A semi-trailer is an effective form of storage. It is sturdy, durable, comes in multiple sizes, and can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. At the same time, there are lots of trailer options from which to choose. Therefore, it is important to take the time to get this right. Thinking about these factors ahead of time will help everyone find the right semi trailer rental Everett WA.

The Size of the Trailer

One of the first factors people need to consider is the size of the trailer. These trailers come in many shapes and forms and the price is likely to vary with the size. While most people look at length and width, think about the height of the ceilings as well. Many people don’t realize that there will be extra space up to the ceiling that, if used effectively, can save someone a lot of money.

The Security Options

Renting a trailer is a big decision and people do not rent one unless they have to. Therefore, there is a good chance that whatever is going in the trailer is valuable. Therefore, security is a major consideration as well. Take a look at the doors and windows. Think about the sturdiness of the walls. Try to find a trailer that has strong security options that will keep the assets safe from theft.

Find the Right Trailer

These are just a few of the most important factors that everyone should keep in mind if they are looking for trailer storage options in the local area. It is important for everyone to find a trailer option that is going to meet their needs. By reaching out to trained professionals and knowing which questions to ask, everyone will be able to make the right choice for their assets.