FASS or Fuel Air Separation System: What You Need to Know


The FASS (fuel air separation system) is a great way to remove air and dirt from your diesel fuel. It improves horsepower and extends the life of your diesel injectors. It also helps to prevent air from getting back into the fuel. What’s more, it’s easy to install.

Disinfects Diesel Fuel

The FASS fuel air separation system disinfects diesel, enhancing the performance of diesel trucks and improving fuel mileage. The system combines a diesel fuel lift pump with a filtration system, providing cleaner fuel and extending the life of the diesel injection system. These systems are American-made and will improve the safety of the environment and your family’s health by avoiding diesel particulate matter and other contaminants.

The FASS fuel air separation system disinfects diesel by removing moisture from diesel fuel, a leading cause of costly fuel system failure. The system uses a 144-micron particulate filter and a two-micron extreme water separator, resulting in a higher fuel flow and reduced maintenance costs. The FASS system also provides cleaner fuel than stock. Its filtration process also helps improve the lubricity and throttle response of the engine.

Removes Dirt, Water, And Air

Dirt can enter the fuel system during storage, delivery, or transfer. Fortunately, you can take some easy steps to keep dirt from getting into your fuel. First, you can ensure your fuel tank is clean by washing it with a detergent soap and hot water. After this, you can use a specialized solvent to remove any dirt, rust, or sticky stains. Next, you should dry the tank and refill it with fresh, clean fuel.

Improves Horsepower

The FASS Fuel Air Separation System provides a high-quality solution for diesel fuel pumping systems. These systems are designed to improve horsepower and fuel efficiency while reducing noise. In addition, the systems eliminate fuel contaminants and prolong the life of injectors. They also lower exhaust temperatures. The FASS Fuel System is an ideal upgrade for a diesel engine. Removing air from fuel improves fuel mileage, extends the life of the diesel injectors, and improves throttle response. The system is also easy to install, and it will improve your truck’s performance by up to 10%.

Extends Life of Diesel Injectors

The FASS Fuel Air Separation System (FASS) is an advanced diesel fuel filtration system and high-performance diesel lift pump combination that improves engine performance and fuel efficiency and extends the life of the diesel fuel injection system. This system has an innovative, compact design and powerful motor. Its unique design ensures that fuel passes directly to the injectors without introducing air into the mixture.

The FASS fuel air separation system provides several benefits, including increased fuel mileage and horsepower. It also extends the life of diesel injectors and decreases air and vapor content. The FASS fuel air separation system is a relatively easy-to-install upgrade. It can extend the life of diesel injectors by up to ten to twenty percent.

Reduces Noise

The FASS Fuel Air Separation System is one of the quietest fuel air separation systems on the market. This technology removes virtually all air and contaminants from fuel, reducing noise levels significantly. The quiet operation of the FASS system also results in increased fuel flow rates. Its advanced design reduces eddy currents, which can harm injectors.

The FASS system is composed of a diesel fuel lift pump with inherent water and air separation facilities. It works with different diesel engines and is available in many different models. It can be installed on any make or model Class 8 semi-truck, with universal fitting models available.