2020 Electra Meccanica Solo — Details of the Solo Vehicle


The company has recently declared the release to get their ideal car for both those and introverts who do not want to socialize whatsoever. Their upcoming 2020 Electra Meccanica Solo is an automobile which is a cool three-wheel car and has room for a person to fix in it. This is outside overview how this fantastic vehicle looks like.

2020 Electra Meccanica Solo Exterior — A perfect solo look

The car may look somewhat odd and awkward at the first glance because of its bumpy look that narrows at the back. However, as soon as your know the reconciliation and that the aerodynamics given by its exterior you are surely going to love it. The appearance is daring, lively, and aggressive in it’s superbly LED Lights and exactly the identical time add more to the look.

2020 Electra Meccanica Solo Interior — Comfortable items do come in tiny sizes

If the automobile has a small space since it is only a one-seater, the relaxation is not in any respect compromised. The chairs are soft to sit on and also the foot and head remaining distances are valuable. There are nearly those connectivity options which you locate in larger sized SUVs and luxury cars.

2020 Electra Meccanica Solo — A Engine that is reliably powerful

The car gets 90% less wastage than a combustion engine that is regular and that is the reason it is eco-frinedly. This solo automobile features a 17.3 kWh battery package that makes it able to go on 100-mile variety with the fastest rate of 82 mph. The battery takes 3 hours to charge within a circuit

2020 Electra Meccanica Solo Pricing

The automobile with its yet safe styling will begin at about just $16,250 which is so much more than just sensible and cheap to get a car like this’ cost.

This is good save our atmosphere from pollution. It also helps to reduce the cost of consumption. As you read this Car News of Electra Meccanica Solo 2020 which is upgrade version in electronic cars. It looks like that this bran is quite similar with concept of Quant 48volt. Whatsoever this is one of the best car.