4 Conversions to Turn Your Ford Transit Van Into Something More Useful

Ford Transit Van

The Ford Transit van has been around for as long as we can remember. This iconic vehicle is one of the most popular vans in the world, and was one of the best selling cars in Britain at one time. Ideally, the Transit is used to haul cargo, especially for mid-range distances. However, its role as a vehicle and a van has only evolved over the years.

People have been customizing the Transit vans for a while now. They take their boring old Ford Transit, and turn it into something completely different. Even in the streets of the UK, you will see Ford Transit police vans, police mobile command centers, and ambulances. However, that is not all that the Transit can do.

Here are four conversions that will let you turn your Ford Transit van into something more useful, and perhaps a new business of sorts.

Mobile Home

The Ford Transit works as the perfect base for a small yet comfortable mobile home. While you cannot set up a toilet or a bathroom in the Transit, you can still put in a few small pieces of furniture, or even extend the cargo bay and fit in more stuff.

When you think of practicality, the Transit may not look like the ideal mobile home, but it can still work as a sort of camper van. So you can take it with you if you ever go camping, and use it as a recreational van. With the space inside the van, you can easily fit a small bed that can fit one adult comfortably. You can also have a folding bed that doubles as a couch. These beds can fit at least two adults with ease.

Apart from beds and seating arrangements, you can also set up a small kitchen area, and even a 27-inch television set.

Refrigerated Van

You can deploy fridge vans for a variety of purposes. People use these refrigerated vans to carry food, pharmaceuticals like drugs and vaccines, and other perishable items. And while you can always buy a new refrigerated van, why not convert your existing Ford Transit to fit your fridge van needs?

Given that a refrigerated van conversion is quite difficult, you should have it done by industry professionals like BHRV. BHRV sells both new as well as used fridge vans. However, they can also turn your van into a refrigerated one with ease. That way, you get to set some of the specifications you would like in your fridge van. The engineers will be more than happy to meet your requirements if they are practically possible. BHRV uses its in-house engineers to get all the work done, and also offers a one-year manufacturers warranty of the refrigeration unit.

Food or Ice-Cream Truck

The idea behind setting up your Ford Transit van as a food or ice-cream truck is rather simple. All you need to do is cut a big rectangular panel at one side of the van, set up a counter and kitchen area, and put in a fridge. It is not that much work, but you should still consult with professionals, at least for the cutting part and setting up the kitchen system.

The Transit is widely used for these purposes. So you can rest assured that you will blend right in when you roll out with your Transit ice-cream or food truck.

A More Organized Cargo Van

While the regular Transit is more than capable of handling cargo, it is always a good option to opt for a more efficient way of doing so. And you can easily achieve that with the Transit, and a few minor additions.

The minor additions in question here are shelves. Through installing shelves, cargo delivery becomes a lot easier. You can arrange the cargo as you like, and whatever order suits you best. That way, while delivering the goods, you do not need to dig through piles of boxes to get to that one product or item you are looking for. With the shelves in place, you will already know where to look for, making it a lot easier and time efficient.

And that is not all you can do with your Ford Transit. There are other amazing ideas that people come up with while modifying their Transit vans. Some use them for leisure, while others have a more commercial purpose in mind. Whatever it is they have up their sleeves, it is needless to say that the Ford Transit van is the best option when it comes to having a modified van with your personal specifications.