The Best Way To Track Mileage At Work

Track Mileage

Are you looking for an easy way to track mileage at work? If so, check out the MileageWise tracking app! It’s easy to use, and you can get real-time mileage updates so you always know how far you’ve traveled.

What’s a Mileage Log and what is it used for?

A mileage log is a form used by drivers to keep track of the miles they have driven. This form can be used for a variety of reasons, such as to keep track of how much a driver has driven in a given period of time or to document a journey.

A mileage log can also be used to prove that a contractor, small business owner, and other self employed people have driven a certain amount of miles for mileage tax deductions.

How to keep Business Mileage Records

There are a few different ways to keep tabs on your business expenses. You can use an expense tracking application like mileage apps on your smartphone, keep a physical journal, or use a spreadsheet.

A mileage tracking application is a great way to keep track of your business miles without having to write down every mile traveled. This application can automatically calculate your miles traveled based on a standard mileage rate, calculate your expenses, and track mileage for work over time.

Another option for keeping business mileage records is to keep a physical journal. This journal can be filled out every time you travel for business and can include the date, time, location, purpose of the trip, and your mileage and expenses.

Finally, you can use a spreadsheet to track your business mileage. This spreadsheet can be used to track your mileage and expenses for each trip, as well as your progress over time. This information can be helpful in tracking your business efficiency and making improvements.

The Benefits of using a Mileage Tracker App

Track your Spending

One of the best things about mileage tracking apps is that they allow you to track your spending. This can help you see where your money is going and whether you’re spending too much on unnecessary things that’s putting a burden on your bank account.

Keep track of your Activity

Another great thing about mileage tracking apps is that they allow you to keep track of your activity. This can help you see how active you are per month and whether your fleet vehicles are meeting your business goals.

Stay motivated

Keeping track of your mileage can be a great way to stay motivated. Seeing your progress can help you stay on track and stay focused.

Monitor your Progress

Finally, mileage tracking apps can also be used to monitor your progress. This can help you see whether you’re making any progress and whether you’re meeting your goals.


MileageWise is one of these newer mileage trackers that come with key benefits that allow you to:

  • Import your Google Maps Timeline
  • Deduct your total mileage for tax return on your taxes
  • Helps you recreate your forgotten past mileage with AI-powered technology that uses your previous journeys and your clients’ locations.
  • Have the 3+1 automatic trip tracking modes: vehicle movement monitoring, Car Bluetooth tracking, Plug’N’Go phone charge tracking, and manual recording
  • Get an IRS-approved mileage log that is 100% approved
  • Have the MileageWise VIP service that prepares your IRS-approved mileage log for mileage reimbursement
  • Grab a 14-day free trial period with unlimited trips
  • Download it on the App Store or Google Play