5 Luxury Car Brands with Low Maintenance

Luxury Car Brands

Buying A Luxury Car is the dream of many people. However, sometimes it becomes more than luxury when maintaining it becomes a headache. Expensive car parts, high-cost repairs, and maintenance can break the bank in no time.

Modern car owners keep their vehicles longer and know the importance of scheduled servicing and preventing maintenance from maximizing their four-wheel investment lifetime value. In this article, we will read about luxury car brands that offer low maintenance of their vehicle. So, let us get started.

Luxury Cars with Least Maintenance Cost

  • Toyota Corolla

Introduced in 1966, Toyota Corolla is one of the least expensive cars to maintain. Not only this, this car has been listed among the top 10 best low maintenance vehicles in the world. This car’s annual cost is around $710, far less than $1,186, which is the car’s monthly average. This vehicle comes with an easy to use infotainment system and lots of standard driver assistance features. It is one of the compact and subcompact cars manufactured by Toyota.

  • Toyota Prius

Released in 1997, this third-generation car by Toyota has an annual maintenance cost of $763. With a hybrid engineering genius along with 50-plus miles every gallon of gas, it is one of the least expensive cars to maintain. This full-hybrid electric automobile is a four-door sedan and has been produced as a 5-door liftback in 2003.

  • Honda Accord

The Honda Accord was manufactured by Honda in 1976. Since 1986, this four-door sedan variant is one of the best selling cars in the United States. The average annual maintenance cost of this 10th generation car by Honda is $822.Only the newly launched Civic Type R has been able to give better performance than it.

  • Ford Mustang

Although the vehicles of Toyota are cheaper to maintain, Ford vehicles are no slouches. With an annual maintenance cost of $979, it is one of the luxury cars requiring the least amount of maintenance.

  • Kia Soul

On the list of top 10 best low maintenance cars globally, Kia soul stands at 4th rank. This subcompact crossover SUV has an annual maintenance cost of $919. Known for its cheap repairs and excellent reliability rating, Kia doesn’t need major maintenance or repairs frequently.

  • Infiniti Q70

Infiniti Q70 is a line of mid-size executive cars from Nissan luxury division Infiniti. The annual maintenance cost of this car is $1,412. It is cheap to maintain and repair because it has the same parts used in other Nissan vehicles, Nissan.

  • Toyota RAV4

Another low maintenance car on the list is Toyota RAV4. Introduced in 1994, this compact crossover SUV is manufactured by Toyota. The annual maintenance cost of this car by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota is $1412.

  • Toyota 4Runner

The mid-size sport utility vehicle was sold across the world from 1984 to date—the annual maintenance cost of $1620, making it the least expensive car to maintain.

The Bottom Line

When buying a car, other than looks and features, make sure to look at the vehicle’s cost of maintenance and repair. Other than the cars mentioned on the list, several cars offer luxury and the least expensive maintenance and repair cost.