Protective Motorcycle Clothing for Women

Motorcycle Clothing for Women

Riding a motorcycle is always a thrilling experience, especially when speeding or doing minor stunts. However, motorcycles expose us to the vagaries of weather and accidents. In case your bike is damaged, you can always replace it or import new parts. That may not be true for our human bodies hence the need for protective motorcycle clothing.

The most important aspects of riding gear include impact protection and abrasion resistance. You may also look out for protective clothing specifically designed for women – which was hard to find a few years back. However, now more than ever, the biker industry is growing diverse, with all genders included. Currently, you can get protective clothing from your local motorcycle trader.

Here is a list of riding gears that every woman should consider a necessity before hitting the road:


There are a variety of motorcycle jackets for women. Riding jackets do more than protect us from the sun and wind. When buying riding jackets, always ensure they have protectors for your elbows, shoulders, chest, and back. One of my favorite riding jackets is the Icon 1000 Fairlady Textile Jacket, a three-layered textile jacket that is waterproof yet breathable. It is also reinforced with impact protectors and fits well to the contour of my body.  If you have not yet purchased a good riding Jacket and have to ride, I recommend thick clothing such as Jeans to protect yourself from severe abrasion.

Women’s Riding Jeans

Not only do women’s riding jeans look stylish and feminine, and they are also made to cope with a couple of seconds of sliding on the tarmac or asphalt. Good brands, such as the UglyBros Aegis-K motorcycle jeans, are reinforced with Kevlar. Although to get one of these, you may have to dig a little deeper into your pockets. No pain, no gain, right?


In several states, helmets are a legal requirement. Nevertheless, it is essential to wear a helmet because it is vital for head protection. When choosing a helmet, there’s always a tradeoff between the safety of full-face helmets and the airflow of open-face helmets. A full-face helmet provides maximum head protection, including protection for your nose and jaws. Some top-rated brands, such as the Bell Qualifier and the Icon Airmada Rubatone helmets, are pocket-friendly. However, for those willing to pay a higher price for comfort, more expensive brands also provide proper ventilation systems.


Gloves are essential to protect our hands from blisters and cold. Choose riding gloves with reinforced palms and armor over the knuckles. Also, make sure that there are fasteners inside the wrists to prevent the gloves from sliding off.