Common Truck Accident Causes

Truck Accident

Truck accidents can happen due to a number of causes. Driver negligence can be one of them. Faulty equipment or poor maintenance of the vehicle can all be factors that contribute to the crash. Moreover, distracted driving is a problem for drivers, and using road hand signals might result in truck accidents. Whether the driver is a new or experienced driver, the following tips will help you prevent a truck accident. Here are some common reasons why truck accidents happen.

Distracted driving

Many people are concerned that distracted driving is a big factor in truck accidents. Distracted driving can have many causes, from smoking and eating inside the truck to other distractions such as talking on the phone, reading the newspaper, or your companion animal. It also causes you to be less alert to road conditions, and even a momentary distraction could result in a tragic accident. Distracted drivers are especially dangerous because they cannot react to road conditions as quickly, and the result is a truck crash.

Driver fatigue

Many factors can lead to a truck accident, including fatigue. Having too little sleep causes drivers to lose concentration, experience slowed reaction times, and make errors on the road. Consequently, accidents caused by fatigued drivers can have devastating consequences. These accidents result in serious injury to victims and significant property damage. Fatigued truck drivers often cause catastrophic injuries. Listed below are some causes of truck accidents caused by driver fatigue.

Faulty equipment

Often, a truck accident is the result of faulty equipment. When large trucks fail to function properly, they can become uncontrollable, crashing into other vehicles and structures in its path. It is also possible for a truck to suddenly break down and cause a massive pileup. In a landmark study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, vehicle failure was a contributing factor in 29.4% of truck accidents and 33.1 percent of two-vehicle collisions.

Poor vehicle maintenance

Whether you drive a commercial truck or a family sedan, routine vehicle maintenance is crucial. Failure to do so can lead to tragic consequences, including accidents and injuries. Changing worn tires, not checking wipers or blinkers, and not performing preventive maintenance are all examples of poor vehicle maintenance that can lead to serious accidents. Even simple things such as not checking oil levels can cause serious problems, putting the safety of everyone on the road at risk.

Driver distraction

Truck accidents are often attributed to distracted driving. Truck drivers must constantly maintain the speed of their large, heavy vehicles. In addition to staying within their lane, they must pay attention to hazards on the road. When a truck driver is distracted, it is easy for him or her to miss important details and cause a crash. The result is often serious injuries or even fatalities for both passengers and drivers. These accidents can be prevented by recognizing the signs that signal distracted driving and making adjustments to keep safe.

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