Maintenance & Repair


Finding problems early will help you save money while preventing more serious damage when it comes to your car. Transmission issues can be serious problems, and if you notice any of the signs below, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle to the shop right away.

It Won’t Switch Gears

Does your vehicle refuse or struggle to change gears? If so, you are probably facing an issue with your transmission.

Sometimes, the issue is low transmission fluid or the wrong type of fluid. This is an easy fix and it is a good idea to seek transmission repair Lynnwood before bigger problems occur. 

Burning Odor

Have you noticed a burning smell coming from your vehicle? If so, it’s a good idea to get to a mechanic right away.

Sometimes, the smell is an indication the transmission has started to overheat. It may also be a sign the transmission fluid is old and burning.

Neutral Noises

Strange noises from your vehicle when it is in neutral is another indication of transmission problems. Sometimes, the noise means you need new transmission oil. However, it may also mean that your vehicle requires an expensive replacement part because of mechanical wear.

Slipping Gears

If your gears slip out of place while you are driving, it can be a scary situation. However, it’s also dangerous if you are on the road. If you notice your gears are slipping, it’s a good idea to get to a mechanic right away.

If you suspect transmission issues with your vehicle, don’t wait to take it to a mechanic. The sooner you seek service, the sooner you can feel confident that you will get back on the road safely. Being informed is the best way to ensure that your transmission is operating properly and that you won’t face any issues while on the road. Keep the signs of a problem above in mind to know when service is needed.

Considering the fact that your window glasses fall in the exterior body of your car, they are often subject to the most contact between small pieces of dirt and stone. As a result, chips and cracks in your windows or windshields are inevitable, especially when one regularly drives on the roads of San Jose. Having an auto glass repair service handy will always help, but to save yourself a lot of effort, think about opting for mobile auto glass repair in San Jose.

Traditional service where the customer is required to visit the workshop when needed for repairs is still chosen by many. However, mobile auto glass repair in San Jose does quite the opposite – now you can carry on with your work while a mobile mechanic comes and fixes things up for you. Companies like Glassfixit offer exception services of mobile auto glass repair in San Jose, and here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider it:

  • Convenience: When it comes to auto repair services, you no longer have to spend a load of time driving to a workshop. Mobile services are extremely convenient wherever and whenever you’re in need, and you can just contact Glassfixit for mobile auto glass repair in San Jose and expect great service.
  • Efficient: Usually, when you visit a workshop, they have some mechanics working on multiple cars, so it often takes a while before you can get your turn. However, with mobile services, an experienced professional will be sent to the provided address specifically and help you get back on the road in no time.
  • Time-Saving: Auto repair services is an affair that, as a whole, takes up a lot of time. From driving all the way across town to get your car fixed to waiting for your turn at the workshop, many people often have to set aside a whole day to get it done. This won’t be a problem with mobile services as you don’t have to go to the service, the service comes to you. It is extremely efficient, quick and convenient, adhering to your schedule specifically.
  • Affordable: Traditional auto repair services are expensive. They have additional overhead costs like shops and dealers and inventory stock; plus, if your car breaks down in the middle of the day, tow trucks cost extra. Overall, it can be costly, but mobile services cut back on tow truck expenses, and additional service costs a considerable amount.

With the above benefits of mobile auto glass repair, you will experience convenience like never before. Services from Glassfixit are 100% safe and secure, and you will be provided with a technician’s profile. You can either choose to look up the profile and meet the technician one-on-one, or if you wish to avoid any contact whatsoever, you can just leave the keys on your dashboard. Their professionals are closely monitored, so you can rest assured your safety is always a priority. Whatever your problem is, don’t forget to consider mobile auto glass repair in San Jose!

Taking care of your vehicle is one of the most routine parts of being an adult. Every so often, typically once a year, you will want to bring your vehicle into the garage to get it inspected to determine that it is safe and legal to drive in. More often than not, you won’t have to think twice about the process. However, there may come a time when you need more work done, or an unexpected problem may occur. In these cases, you may need to take your vehicle to a more experienced mechanic. You might be surprised about just how much they can help you out with.

What Do Mechanics Work with?

Beyond the concept of mechanics working on just about any vehicle that they know about, mechanics do a fair bit more than just routine inspections and general maintenance, such as refilling oils or other car fluids. Mechanic work can range from removing dents from the car’s body to handling an auto gearbox repair in Romford. Some of the other services offered can include the following:

  • Working with the wheels, the tyres, the steering, and the alignment
  • Working with the gearbox, the clutch, and the transmission of the car
  • Taking care of general repairs, inspections, and maintenance
  • Pointing you in the right direction to get the best possible gear for your car

These are just a few of the reasons why relying on a mechanic can be incredibly helpful for the longevity of your car. By choosing to do this, you won’t have to think about how long your car is going to last, and instead, you can think about how to make the most out of it.

Why Visit the Mechanic?

There are some forms of car maintenance that can be done in the comfort of your own driveway, assuming that you have the materials. These car maintenance tasks tend to be closer to painting over tiny scratches or refilling the fluids that the car needs. For any type of repair beyond this level of complexity, the best thing you can do is rely on an experienced mechanic.

Regardless of whether or not you can tell, your car requires maintenance more often than you think. Your oil needs to be changed, your tires need to be replaced, and once a year, you need to get a MOT test.

When getting any of this work done on your vehicle, you want to be sure you are going to a reliable and trustworthy garage.

Different Types of Services

There are many components to your vehicle, which means it needs different types of services. As a result, you want to go to a one-stop shop that can make any and all repairs necessary. Many garage services in Wallington will include:

  • Steering component repairs
  • Clutch replacement
  • Exhaust repairs
  • MOT testing and servicing
  • General vehicle maintenance

Don’t stress yourself out trying to find a place that will service each individual issue with your car. Instead, look for a garage that can take care of all of your vehicle’s needs under one roof.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced Today

Do not wait until your car starts making a funny noise or breaks down altogether before taking it into a garage. Make an appointment with a mechanic as soon as you can so you can get your car checked out and maintained.

Be sure to look out for a garage that employs trustworthy mechanics who will provide you with top-quality service and won’t try to rip you off along the way.

If you drive a passenger vehicle, getting into a commercial truck accident can leave you or your passengers shaky, severely injured or dead. In such an accident, the chances of someone in your passenger car being killed is much higher than that of someone in the commercial truck. Sadly, the complexities of the situation don’t stop with the physics of the car accident.

Common Injuries and Causes

Common injuries in commercial truck accidents are those to the back, neck and spinal cord as well as the head and brain. Accident victims can also suffer burns, amputation, disfigurement and other internal injuries. The sheer mass of semi-truck trailers, which can be 7 or 8 times greater than a passenger car, multiplies the forces of the crash and therefore makes serve injury more likely than in car-to-car crashes. Many of the common causes of semi-truck accidents involve either the driver’s or driver’s company’s behavior. Driver fatigue, distracted driving, alcohol use, drug use and speeding are driver behaviors that contribute to these accidents. Poor training, poor truck maintenance and improper cargo loading are behaviors of either party that can also contribute.

Multiple Involved Parties

One of the biggest challenges in a crash between a passenger car and a semi-truck where the passenger car’s driver is either not at fault or is only partially at fault is the sheer number of parties involved on the truck driver’s side. Besides the driver of the commercial truck, other parties that may be involved are the truck’s owner, the driver’s employer, the loader or shipper of the truck’s cargo or the truck’s manufacturer. Relationships among these parties can get complicated depending upon whether or not the driver is an employee or an independent contractor, who loaded the truck and who is responsible for the cargo.

Steps to Take

After an accident, it is important for you to call the police if you are able. If you are not able, the police will likely be called into the matter due to the severity of the accident. After calling the police, if you are physically able to do so, take photos of the accident scene and get witness statements from as many people as possible. Get full contact information from the other driver and any witnesses as well as details regarding the driver’s employer. The police will also do this, but it can help to have your own documentation. Then, seek a full medical evaluation even if you’ve been examined by a medical technician at the scene. Finally, get your vehicle appraised, but do not get it repaired immediately. Make sure you have all the information required by your insurance before you seek any type of repair.

What Not to Do

Even if you feel you may have caused the accident, don’t admit fault or liability, and keep your cool. Don’t talk to anyone’s insurance company. Instead, call a lawyer with expertise in truck-involved crashes, and push all communication through your lawyer. Don’t comment on online articles related to the accident nor post to any social media.

Being involved in a truck-involved crash comes with much complexity. Basic understanding of the complexity and following good practices after the accident can go a long way in helping you pursue any necessary legal action.

No driver wants to go through the ordeal and expense of a crash. When such a scenario plays out, however, it pays to be as prepared as possible. For that reason, there are a few things every motorist should know. The following steps will not necessarily prevent a collision or similar automotive emergency. They could, however, help make dealing with such an experience much less stressful.

Be Realistic About the Damage

The news might not be good, but there is nothing to be gained by remaining pollyannish about the current state of affairs. Before committing to a professional capable of providing auto dent removal Lakewood CO, think about what is necessary and what could potentially wait. Cosmetic damage is a serious concern, but if a car can be roadworthy without fixing it, that could be an option.

Be Persistent About the Repairs

Once a motorist determines what he or she would like done to the vehicle, it will be time to ensure those plans are followed to the letter. Begin with an honest assessment of the team chosen for the job and make sure any questions are addressed and answered before signing up for a course of action.

Be Proactive About the Future

This experience can often provide individuals with an opportunity to learn. Whether the driver is to blame for a crash or other damage, he or she can often learn some valuable information. Maybe it is as simple as becoming a more defensive driver. There could be a potential for residual effects from the repairs, so be sure to address any such concerns as early in the process as possible.
There are plenty of responsibilities that come along with the opportunity to own and operate a vehicle. When something unexpected happens, though, the steps above will offer helpful assistance.

Rising labor costs have made it difficult for the common man to afford car repairs. Not only that but the situation has become aggravated because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a professional mechanic that can do a good job for less money. All this has led disappointed customers to search for other alternatives.

We believe in the saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’. To do that you need to get your hands on a factory service manual.

What’s a factory service manual?

A car service manual is like a guide that has in-depth information about a vehicle. It tells you how to troubleshoot your car’s issues and make repairs that would otherwise be above your expertise. What’s more, you are taught how to disassemble a faulty part, analyze it, diagnose it, rebuild and repair it if necessary. When all is said and done the manual will also give details on how to reassemble everything back to the way it was.

The factory service manual saves you from going for regular visits to the mechanic. Most people deem it necessary to visit the mechanic at the slightest hint of irregularity. This action not only costs money but it is unnecessary. When you have the service manual at home, you do not need to consult anyone or anything else.

Yes, you might have initially spent hours trying to fix your car and failed. But that only happens if you don’t have guidance and the car factory service manual provides you with that. You can get knowledge about the proper tools to use, which tool goes where and which tool is necessary for the repair you are about to make. This way you can buy yourself a nice set of pliers, screwdrivers, spanners, and wrenches so that you are never stuck on a repair job.

Workshop Manuals Save Time

The biggest advantage of a workshop manual is that it saves your precious time. Initially, it might feel like you are spending a lot of time studying and going through the manual but after you acquire enough information and feel confident about the knowledge you gained you can make extra use of it. We all know that a large part of the time that goes to waste when it comes to repairs is when the mechanic holds your car for an entire day or days depending on the issue. During that time you are left helpless and without any means of transport. The manual allows you to minimize that waiting window while you take care of the repair.

There are many benefits to using a shop manual

The DIY mechanic will pour their hearts out on a repair job because it is their first time and they love doing the job. The professional mechanic, on the other hand, might be good at his job but he/she will never look at your car as their own. Hence, they will not put any extra effort or pay extra attention to your car. They will solve the issue at hand and ignore the rest or finish the job hastily just to grab a few more clients for the day. You, on the other hand, will look into everything with care and solve any or all the issues related to your car as you have time on your hands. Plus, you won’t have to please anyone other than yourself.

It is the most common thing that people do at the first sign of trouble with their vehicles, take it to the workshop! Well, although this is the right thing to do for most case scenarios, and the most expensive thing to do, there is an alternative that could potentially reduce the overall cost of your vehicle maintenance. There are many car issues that could be managed on your own with basic garage tools like a pro, provided you have your car repair manual that is sometimes referred to as the car owner’s manual. For example, the regular service that you send your car to the workshop could be managed by yourself in your garage or even on your front porch. All you would need is the oil change, oil filter, air filter, a 2 x 2 half cut tub, a wrench and a jack. Look through your manual and follow the instructions and you could have it done within the hour. These manuals even contain information on how to replace seal joints or a solenoid that can save you a significant amount of money. However, it is not advisable to attempt major repairs as they can be quite complex and also dangerous and hence, it is always better to let the professionals handle major repairs. Speaking of the pros, even professional workshop mechanics actually need these car workshop manuals from time to time to know what is going on with a specific vehicle due to the constant changes that automotive manufacturers keep introducing to the cars that they produce. It is not uncommon for mechanics to come face to face a new phenomenon with vehicles that they have never worked on before and these ‘not so common’ issues could result in a significant amount of added man hours that end on the bill that you will be eventually slapped with at the end of the day. Thus, having these manuals at hand could not just save the mechanic a lot of time, but it would also save you a lot of money.

For those of you who do not have the original versions of their car owner’s manual or workshop manuals you would be able to download these auto manuals from numerous online portals that offer both free and paid versions of the manuals for a wide variety of cars. Be it, Fords, Nissans, Oldsmobile or Porsche you would probably be able to find it online. These manuals are generally made available in PDF formats that you could either download or print it out to have a hardcopy at hand or just save them on a smart device that you could access anytime you want. These online car workshop manuals are mobile friendly and as accurate as the originals mostly. Having these manuals with you is always a good thing as it will save you a heap of trouble during emergencies and money when you visit your mechanic due to some irregularities with your car! If you are a mechanic on the other hand it would be a good idea to download these manuals and keep them in the workshop so that you may use them anytime something ‘unfamiliar’ crops up when you are working with a car model that you are not used to working with.

If you live in the Hail Alley region of Colorado, a region classified by the frequency of hail storms, you may be familiar with the chaos that these storms can cause, such as significant damage to cars. But what do you do after you find large dents in your car? Here are a few things you need to know about hail damage repair Lakewood CO.

Look Beyond the Roof

While hail damage can be purely cosmetic, it can also cause significant problems with your car well beyond the roof. The issues created by hail to a windshield can result in serious injury if the car were to experience another accident. Depending on the damage, a shop may suggest repairing it with resin or a complete replacement. It is essential to thoroughly assess the destruction done by the storm.

Claim the Damage

When assessing the damage from a hailstorm, it will be important to take as many notes as you can. This includes creating a record of any issues, taking pictures, and providing details of when and where the storm occurred. Gather these details (which are often necessary to file a claim of the damage), and contact your auto insurance promptly.

Contact an Auto Body Shop

After a stressful event like a hailstorm that results in damage to your car, it can be helpful to find an auto body shop that is reliable, trustworthy and convenient. Locating a certified and accredited auto body shop may relieve some of the stress following the event. If the auto body shop offers a free estimate, that may be even better.

If you can, consider shielding your car with covered parking or temporary shelter during hailstorms. However, if you cannot find somewhere to shelter your car and you find yourself with hailstorm damage, consider the recommendations above to navigate fixing it with less stress.

One of the inevitable things about owning a car is that it needs to be serviced. For many people, these services are as dreaded as much as a visit to the dentist or dinner at the mother-in-law. Ask around and the list of reasons that are given for this dread are many – people say it is always very expensive, or they will tell you that it is inconvenient, or they will say that they feel like they are being conned. The list of reasons that people come up with to avoid taking their car in for a service is long and varied. But, much like visiting the dentist, it is something that should not be avoided. The longer you wait to go, the greater the pain that you will experience when you do go. With that in mind, here are some simple tips to make sure that servicing your car is never a hassle.

Make them come to you

Many people complain that taking the car for a service means dropping the vehicle off at a mechanic in the morning and then being without transport for the rest of the day. This can indeed be very inconvenient. To make the situation more palatable many mechanics will provide their clients with a courtesy car. Alternatively, though, there is an increasing number of mechanics who will come to you. Try a simple Google search for a phrase like, ‘mobile mechanic Coffs Harbour’ and see what you can find. This is an ideal solution. The mechanic at your place at a time that is convenient for you. It is a real win.

Go regularly

The adage that prevention is better than cure holds true in the realm of motor vehicles. If you want to avoid nasty surprises and expenses, then you need to get your car looked at often. That way you can budget and plan accordingly, instead of sticking your head in eth sand and hoping that everything is fine. Because it won’t be! And after a year or two of no services, you will be hit with a big bill. This is not the way to go.


It is inevitable that the service will come with some costs. So, plan accordingly and save a little every month. That way, when the service happens and the associated bill lands in front of you, you already have the cash ready and payment is easy to take care of. This is a responsible and sensible way to go and it will radically reduce the pain associated with getting your car looked at.

Ask around

Mechanics trade on their reputation so ask around on social media to find one with a good reputation. There are so many angles to cover as well. Talk about the price and the quality of the work. Ask for references. And for female car owners, who feel that the male-dominated world of car mechanics is trying to hoodwink them, ask about how they deal with female customers. These are all simple things to ask about on platforms like Facebook recommendations or Hellopeter.