What You Need to Know About Hail Damage

Hail Damage

If you live in the Hail Alley region of Colorado, a region classified by the frequency of hail storms, you may be familiar with the chaos that these storms can cause, such as significant damage to cars. But what do you do after you find large dents in your car? Here are a few things you need to know about hail damage repair Lakewood CO.

Look Beyond the Roof

While hail damage can be purely cosmetic, it can also cause significant problems with your car well beyond the roof. The issues created by hail to a windshield can result in serious injury if the car were to experience another accident. Depending on the damage, a shop may suggest repairing it with resin or a complete replacement. It is essential to thoroughly assess the destruction done by the storm.

Claim the Damage

When assessing the damage from a hailstorm, it will be important to take as many notes as you can.  This includes creating a record of any issues, taking pictures, and providing details of when and where the storm occurred. Gather these details (which are often necessary to file a claim of the damage), and contact your auto insurance promptly.

Contact an Auto Body Shop

After a stressful event like a hailstorm that results in damage to your car, it can be helpful to find an auto body shop that is reliable, trustworthy and convenient. Locating a certified and accredited auto body shop may relieve some of the stress following the event. If the auto body shop offers a free estimate, that may be even better.

If you can, consider shielding your car with covered parking or temporary shelter during hailstorms. However, if you cannot find somewhere to shelter your car and you find yourself with hailstorm damage, consider the recommendations above to navigate fixing it with less stress.