The Top 3 Benefits Of Buying a Used Car Instead Of a New One.

Buying a Used Car

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements on British television telling us that we need to get rid of our old car and get ourselves a bright, shiny new one. It all sounds so attractive and easy to do, but you may be digging yourself into a financial hole that you can’t get yourself out of. That same car that you have been looking at every day for the past month at the local dealer car showroom can still be bought, but at a fraction of the price with just a few miles already on the clock. Maybe, it’s time to consider and second hand car.

You can purchase local used cars in Plymouth and there are many smart reasons why you should. The following are some of the real benefits you will get if you decide to go down the used car road.

  1. When you buy a used car, you save yourself a lot of money. You can buy the car with as much as 50% off the original sale price from the main dealer. That’s money you could be spending on something else.
  2. Most of the depreciation drops off the car when it is bought new and is driven out of the showroom. When you get it. depreciation slows down and if you take care of the car, you may get most of your money back when you sell.
  3. Used cars come with service histories, so you know that the miles on the clock are correct. Some cars even have an extended 5-year warranty, so you can still use the warranty, if your car is only 3 years old.

There really is no good reason to pay the full price when you can get the same car for a lot less and only a few years old.