Factors that affect the price of your junk car

junk car

Are you aware of the fact that the yards that buy these cars recycle the vehicle to make new cars from them? A car that is junk for you, serves as a source of raw materials to such companies. They follow the process of recycling them and all reusable parts are taken apart from your old vehicle so that they can be used in the manufacturing process of a new vehicle. The process of evaluating the cost of junk cars is not at all easy. The people at the junkyards are usually inexperienced and it is very hard for them to decide.

As a car owner even if you try to calculate the cost of the parts and raw materials in the car even then the value evaluated will be very low. There are several factors that help in evaluating the cost of the junk car. These factors affect the selling price of your vehicle. In this article, we have discussed some key factors that majorly affect the final cost of a junk vehicle. So, when you think about Sell my junk car, you can get a rough idea of the cost.

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The factors are discussed below –

  • Labour intensity to strip the product – One of the most crucial factors taken into consideration when you sell a junk car. The car owner gets paid for the amount of metal present in the car. The junkyards do nothing with the other parts. The process of crushing the car after getting it rid of all fluid requires a lot of labour. The junkyard offers less money if the car would require labour for stripping and draining the vehicle.
  • Transportation Cost – It is quite obvious that when you decide to junk your car, it is not in a working condition. For selling your junk car either you will have to take it to the junkyard or ask them to pick it from your backyard. If the junkyard is far away from your home them the transportation cost will also be high. It will, therefore, reduce the price of the vehicle when you decide to scrap your car.
  • If the condition of the car parts is deteriorated – Sometimes due to a lot of reasons, the owner is not able to scrap their car for quite some time. The truth is that the longer you keep your car as junk at your house, the more its condition deteriorates. So, it is advisable that you should junk your car as soon as you find that it has become a piece of junk for you.

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