How To Get The Best Dirt Bike Forks And Suspension


When it comes to optimizing the performance of your dirt bike, its suspension plays a crucial role. Dirt bike forks consist of a set of shock absorbers that ensures comfort during rides. That’s why you need the highest quality of dirt bike forks for proper suspension. Moreover, it’s key to understand how suspension works, how to adjust it, and how to keep it properly maintained. That’s why we’re going to explore three factors to get the best suspension out of your dirt bike forks.

Quality Matters

Not every dirt bike comes with dirt bike forks and proper suspension. In fact, you don’t just need an okay fork, you need top-notch forks that will be well-suited for the motocross, off-road racing or other type of racing. Therefore, getting the right suspension starts by purchasing the right dirt bike forks. Companies like Dal Soggio Race specializes in proving highly-optimized dirt bike forks, which are safe, durable, and comfortable. With its clicks system, you can easily adjust both compression and rebound.

Adjusting Suspension

Making simple adjustments to your suspension can make your dirt bike perform significantly better in a specific terrain. Other factors like the rider’s weight and style can also affect performance. That’s why you need to adjust your suspension to what is optimal for you.

How to adjust the suspension

Generally, the top of a dirt bike fork features the compression adjuster or clickers. Sometimes, the compression adjuster might be located at the bottom of the fork. When you screw clockwise, it hardens the compression and vice versa.

The other end of a dirt bike fork features the rebound adjuster. This determines the rate at which the fork returns to its extended position after being compressed. Tightening the rebound adjuster will decrease the rebound speed, which is better suited for larger rolling terrains or bumps. The converse is also true.

Try experimenting with different settings until you get the perfect feel and balance. Using dirt bike fork with great clicker systems like the ones at Dal Soggio Race will make this adjustment process seamless.

Maintenance is Key

Like any other dirt bike part, the dirt bike forks require maintenance for optimal performance.

Over time, the forks slowly draw in air that diminishes the performance of your dirt bike suspension. You can release this accumulated air by undoing the air bleed screen on the fork’s top. Ensure you take the weight off the forks before this process and make sure to tighten it back before placing the bike on the floor.

Furthermore, adding oil to your forks help to reduce the air volume. Make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s recommended range, but you can experiment within that, till you get the right feel.


Efficiency is important when it comes to dirt bike racing. That’s you need to pay attention to all bike parts, especially the forks for suspension. Purchasing the best dirt bike forks, finding the perfect suspension adjustment and constant maintenance will make every ride worthwhile. Our dirt bikes forks at Dal Soggio Race are designed to help you achieve success. But more importantly, enjoy every bit of the journey!