Reasons That May Lead To Servicing BMW Air Conditioning


Along with the street air, pathogenic bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms penetrate the car interior: they settle on the walls of parts, cause an unpleasant smell, enter the lungs of passengers, can also weaken immunity and cause allergic reactions in the driver and passengers, especially the smallest. To eliminate the cause of the unpleasant odour and prevent its appearance in the future is possible only thanks to timely diagnosis, as well as antibacterial treatment of the air conditioner with the replacement of the cabin filter. With the best air conditioning services in northern beaches, be sure to maintain your car.

Air conditioner refill :

After the diagnosis, the BMW car air conditioner is refilled, as the refrigerant level drops even when the system is entirely tight during operation of the device. All work, including the maintenance of air conditioning systems – diagnostics, refuelling, repairs – are carried out. An insufficient amount of freon in the system is one of the most common causes of failure of an air conditioning compressor. A too large amount of freon harms the operation of the air conditioning system, as a result of which the valves fail. It is enough to evaluate these consequences to understand how vital, regular maintenance is. Servicing your BMW air conditioning regularly will prevent more problems from accumulating.

Causes of breakdowns:

The main reasons for the breakdown of the air conditioning system;

  • Dirt Pollution of the radiator entails insufficient cooling of its surface, as a result of which the pressure in the system rises, and the air conditioner starts to turn off spontaneously or delivers only slightly cooled air. The malfunction is eliminated by cleaning the surface of the heat exchanger. If there is an unpleasant odour, remove deposits on the evaporator resulting from contamination of its surface with dust, dirt particles, and the growth of microorganisms
  • Bearing wear, electrical circuits or mechanical damage to the blades
  • Failure of the air conditioning compressor. The reasons for this are many – depressurization, refrigerant leakage, moisture entering the circuit, wear of gaskets, breakdown of highways and pipelines, wear of the shaft seal, dirt entering the system, physical deterioration of the unit and violation of electrical circuits. First of all, it is vital to diagnose the compressor of the air conditioning system, as a result of which the masters decide on repair or replacement of the unit.

One of your BMW car air conditioner breaks down, do the necessary by seeking the experts’ help. They will diagnose and to know the issue and work on it. You may find the best BMW air conditioning service providers who are qualified technicians.

The basic service includes:

  • Air conditioning unloading
  • Checking the vacuum tightness of the system
  • Refuelling system with special oil
  • Refreshing the working fluid – refrigerant

In addition to the required work, it is recommended that servicing your BMW air conditioning by filtering bacteria in air channels. Replacing the filter will solve the problem of smells and fogging glasses. Antibacterial treatment will guarantee freshness and cleanliness, provide a comfortable microclimate in the cabin for the driver and passengers.