Shocking Car Buying Trends For 2019 and Beyond!


Is there anything more exciting than sitting behind the wheel of your brand new car? Driving away with your first vehicle is likely going to be a memory that you cherish forever. What is crazy to think, however, is how different that memory will be for all of the people that come after you. Thanks to rapid-fire innovations within the automotive world, surprising car buying trends are always on the horizon. Today, we are going to be taking a close look at how the car industry is changing in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Rise of the Researcher

First and foremost, it appears that from this point forward, everyone will be researching their vehicles online before making their purchase. According to the automotive publication Autotrader, car shoppers will spend nearly 60% of their time researching cars online. Gone are the days when dealerships have exclusive sway over how a buyer gathers information about their purchase. With that being said, Autotrader also states that, according to their research, nearly 60% of shoppers are open to other vehicles when making their purchase. This trend outlines two very important concepts. Buyers are becoming increasingly aware of what they are looking for, and they are still willing to hear alternative options.

  1. Embrace the Smart Car

Gone are the days when car shoppers looked for the loudest muscle car possible. Nowadays, shoppers are focused almost exclusively on longevity and fuel efficiency. Thanks to the rise of the electric vehicle, shoppers are more interested in hybrid cards than ever before. While high-end electric cars are still priced out of the market for most people, affordable hybrid cars are surely on the horizon. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked to see hybrid cars dominating the industry within the next twenty years or so. As there continues to be a push toward focusing on the health of the environment, expect eco-friendly and energy efficient cars to become the new norm.

  1. Thriving Used Market

There is nothing more satisfying than being the first person to own a vehicle. With that being said, it isn’t always easy for modern families to afford a brand-new car. Thanks to the sprawling reach of the internet, the used car market is alive and well. Rather than scouring your local newspaper for listings, you can head online in order to find them by browser-full. Still, auto dealers don’t have any reason to be concerned. While the used car market is thriving, it still presents enough challenges to the modern buyer. If you can afford to buy new, you know you’ll be getting the best vehicle available to you.

  1. Driver Assistance Technology

Finally, we have to open our eyes to the dramatic way that cars are evolving. Major automotive dealers are developing automotive aid systems to install directly into their vehicle. From steering assist to object avoidance, cars are smarter and more capable than ever.

Buying a new car is destined to be an exciting experience. As carmakers continue to innovate within the industry, consumers are going to be faced with more exciting options. Whatever you decide to purchase, take your time and do your research!