Ways to keep your car at home?


Probably the car you own cost you a fortune and it would be your joy to see it give you proper service. However, for that to happen, you have to adopt a program of simple security steps while at home. People buy cars to make their movement more convenient. It’s unfortunate some never realize their dream or live in peace due to car theft issues.

For instance, in the US $4 billion is lost through car theft every year and only 15% of them are recovered. It doesn’t matter whether you drive the latest Mercedes Benz or an old starlet, car theft is real and you need to find ways to protect it. ]

Simple things that can save your car

Your car safety should be your priority when you arrive from work or your daily engagements. The process of doing it seems simple, but it is the small things you fail to do that may help thieves to have an easy target.

If you are thinking of a safe garage, ask yourself, Can a garage door opener be hacked? And does it guarantee your car safety? These and many other queries can bring you the answer you’re looking for. Below are some precautions you can follow after parking your car at home.

  • Close all your car windows including the sunroof
  • Never leave your car keys in the car
  • After parking, take all the valuable items with you
  • Have your car installed with anti-theft system, as thieves are reluctant to steal any vehicle that is likely to blow their cover or expose them. Further, you may benefit from your insurance company for using a theft system as many companies do.
  • If you don’t have a garage at home, park your car in a well-lit area as thieves love dark areas where their identity is sealed.
  • Make sure your car has a vehicle identification number (VIN) is engraved on your car windows. Sometimes when they are sealing the car identity by changing color or anything that may cause alarm, they may forget about the windows.

Insure Your Car

You can insure your car with companies that allow “car theft insurance cover” under comprehensive insurance. So, just in case the car is stolen, the insurance company may reimburse the appraised value of your car.

Put a CCTV at Your Home

CCTV at your home is very important to capture the details of anything that goes outside your house while asleep or for travel. The CCTV can also discourage thieves from breaking to your home for fear of getting identified.

However, some criminals were questioned about what they think about CCTV at home and the response almost was 50/50. They said the camera can make you think twice before entering a home installed with one, on the other hand, the camera signifies there are hidden valuables inside.

Install your Car with Tracking Device

It uses tracking technology which makes it easier to trace your car in case it gets stolen. The tracking uses GPS technology which helps to identify the car location. Thanks to technology as now some companies can help to disable the car remotely, making the car impossible to drive when stolen.


When you know instances that may attract thieves to steal your car, it can help you to stay alert to avert any possible threat. Technology has helped to minimize car thefts so, investing in technology may help your car from theft.