What to Do When Attending an Auction

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An auction is a great place to find new treasures. If you cast the right bid, you might get something new for a low price. There are several things to keep in mind before you go. Here are a few items to follow when attending an auction.

Look Over the Items Before Things Start

From antiques to used pickup truck bodies for sale, you can find a variety of items at the auction. Take time to analyze all of the things during the preview. If it is the day before the event, do it again right before things start to ensure what you want is still in the lot. Try to keep from looking too eager to prevent others from actively bidding against you for it.

Set a Budget

Determine how much you want to pay for each lot and keep yourself to that number. Factor in the fees that will be applied to your trip to the auction into what you are planning to spend. Bring someone along to keep you in check as the auction goes on. Research what forms of payment they will accept so that you have what you need on you when you have to close your bid.

Be Prepared for Everything

Look at the forecast for that day and dress for it. Take a coat in case it becomes cold. Wear shoes that you are fine with getting dirty. Register for your bidding paddle the moment you get there if you plan to bid on anything offered. Pack something to sit on especially if it is very busy. Be active in your bids and start right away so that you are less likely to miss out on what you want. If you do win a bid, pick up your lot immediately and lock it in your car to keep it safe.