12,000 Corona Patients are Reported Daily in Belgium

Corona Patients in Belgium

In Belgium, 12,000 new cases of the coronavirus have been reported daily for the past four days, raising the alarm level to four in nine of Belgium’s 10 provinces.

On the other hand, 49 people have died from the virus in the past day, while the average death rate from the coronavirus in Belgium between October 16 and 22 has been more than 35. At present, there are 1,013 positive people per one lakh population in the country.

Between October 16 and 22, 350 people were admitted to the hospital daily, while 496 new patients were admitted to the hospital yesterday. In light of this situation, a government committee headed by Prime Minister Alexander de Crow has announced new measures to stem the tide.

Remember that bar cafes and restaurants across the country are already closed from Monday this week. Under the new measures, all minimal emergency operations in hospitals have been canceled for at least a month.

In addition, one person from each household will participate in the game at a time and all games will be without spectators. Everyone over the age of 12 will take care of social distance.

Public transport will be less crowded than before, while the government says every effort will be made to continue education in this situation.

Classes for higher education will not have more than 20% of students at a time and will attend with masks. Citizens are requested to refrain from moving without any reason.